Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sisterhood - A Quilting Tradition - Book Review

After weeding my shelves of no-longer-wanted quilting books,  there is a bit of space to be filled.  So when I saw the enticing Sisterhood A Quilting Tradition, I felt justifed in poking the Amazon.com buttons. 

And I was far from disappointed when the book arrived.  Author Nancy Lee Murty and members of her family made all the quilts in the book.  For each project, there is at least one alternative colorway shown.  I love this because it helps me as quilter think beyond the fabrics shown in the original sample. 

I like this little applique block, in which the flower petals are in the shape of hearts.  I don't have much use for table runners but maybe I could use the block in something else.

I find myself increasingly drawn to applique, like this little quilt.  But the book includes pieced projects as well, including the standout cover quilt that uses the very easy to do Shoo Fly block.  But for me, a project called Family and Friends is the star of the book.

Prior to now, I did not have any interest in transferring photographs to fabric and using them in a quilt.  I had seen it done but never in a way I wanted to replicate.  But I love this family tree quilt, with the appliqued trees in the center, surrounded by sawtooth stars.  The center square of each star is a photo.  This is going on my long list of future projects.

If you are looking for some quilting inspiration, consider adding Sisterhood A Quilting Tradition to your collection.

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  1. I have been scoping this book out for a while. Thanks for your impressions on it. I love that tree quilt.


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