Monday, May 23, 2011

First Block

I finished the first block of the current projct.  Let me make clear, I have not made all 700 flying geese yet!  I've made in good start on them but needed to get an idea of what the blocks were going to look like, and feel some sense of accomplishment, so I made one block inorder to see how it all comes together.

I put the block on top of the fabric that I am planning to use for the sashing strips.  One of my inspiration pieces for this project is below; it gives you an idea of how the colors come together.

This quilt is rather labor intensive.  There are 81 mostly teensy weensy pieces in each 10" block.  I need to take it at a moderate pace or else things become wonky.  I'm hoping to have 10 blocks finished by the end of Memorial Day weekend. 


  1. What a beautiful block! I love it. It sure will be fun to watch this one grow!

  2. They look gorgeous! Only 700 flying geese???? Wow, that's going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  3. Hi ~ I just found your blog and clicked on to follow you! I think your quilts and blocks are amazing! You do beautiful work!
    I am an avid cross stitcher and crafter but recently got back into quilting/sewing again.
    I hope you'll come over for a visit soon and consider following me too!



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