Thursday, May 5, 2011


I've been cleaning up my space after the making of Cobwebs and started cutting out what will be my "portable" project for the summer.  I will be taking Miss Main Street on a college visit roadtrip and anticipate a fair amount of down time out of the reach of my sewing machine.  That calls for a portable, hand-work project. 

Last fall, I got this magazine, Sew Scrappy, a special edition from American Patchwork & Quilting.  It holds several projects I want to make.

First up is this one, called Lots of Dots in the magazine.  I've never worked with wool or done hand buttonhole stitch, but no matter; I'm game for something new. 

I bought a bunch of small pieces of wool at a vendor's booth at a quilt show (Attic Heirlooms in Maine) and augmented with more wool from an Etsy seller (Quilting Acres).

I have the circles cut out, and I bought a piece of black wool for the background.  On Saturday, I'll swing by Michaels for the embroidery floss and I'll be ready to go. 


  1. I had put a Post-It Note on that page in my magazine and then forgot about it. Love those circles. Please show your progress as you move along on it. Might kick-start me to get out that wool and just do it!

  2. Good luck on trying something new. Wool applique is just so rich in color and so pretty to see.


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