Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Backing A Quilt

Nicole at Sister's Choice Quilts, posted today about fabric used for the backing of quilts.  She just finished three large quilts and bought coordinating fabric that she will piece for the backs. 

Like Nicole, I prefer that the back coordinate with the quilt top because you never know when it is going to show. And while I'm all for saving money, I don't like to use cheap fabric after all the work I put into a quilt so I don't buy fabric for quilt backs at the chain fabric stores and I don't use sheets.  I want to be assured the back will last as long as the front. Often, I buy yardage that matches one of the fabrics used in the top or that coordinates with the fabrics in the top.  For large quilts, like queen bed size, I like to buy the extra wide backing (usually 108" wide), which eliminates the need to piece the back. Other times, I piece the back "creatively" to use up leftovers from piecing the top.  A few times, I've pieced the quilt's label into the back, so it is in place prior to quilting.  Saves on that pesky last step and of course, the label never comes off!

For backing the quilt I just finished, I bought fabric in the large floral print from the Legacy fabric collection used in the top. 

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