Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Japanese Quilting Books

I went to New York City yesterday for a meeting at the ad agency used by one of my clients. Ad agencies today are pretty far removed from the world of Mad Men: no smoking, no liquor, women outnumber men but a wide margin, and though they dress stylishly it is more casual. My meeting ended at noon so rather than an expense account lunch, I took myself off to my favorite Pret A Manger.

Then it was down 6th Avenue and across the street to Kinokuniya, the Japanese book store. I found these two adorable how-to books and thought they would make a great give-away. That's right, it is time for Quilting On Main Street's first giveaway!

Each book has photos and directions for making small household items like placemats, tea cozies, pillows, small quilts, coin purses, totes. The directions are written in Japanese but there are lots of illustrations so they are fairly easy to follow. Book on the left has projects made from squares; book on the left is all hexagons.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post with:

  • Title and author(s) of your favorite quilting book

  • Why it is your favorite - general inspiration, how-to advice, lots of projects you like to make, eye candy - whatever that makes it your favorite.

From the comments, I'll compile a list of blog reader favorites for a future post, plus draw a winner who will receive the two Japanese books. Deadline for entering the giveaway is next Tuesday, August 25, 10 pm Eastern US daylight savings time.


  1. I have too many quilting books to easily pick a favorite. I enjoy many books for many reasons-- historical information from Barbara Brackman, basic how-to advice about all aspects of quilting from Fons & Porter or Darlene Zimmerman book, on and on.
    But I'm going to choose one book that I would never sell or give away. Quilts from Aunt Amy is a book by Country Threads (Mary Etherington & Connie Tesene). Inspired by individual blocks in a century-old quilt made by Mary's Aunt Amy, they designed 14 quilts based on some of those blocks. I love the old quilt and hope to some day make many of the new.

  2. I recently bought a copy of Material Obsession (Sarah Fielke and Kathy Doughty) after reading a review online. It has some lovely full page photos of the finished quilts.

  3. OH I have lots of books that inspire me to chose one is so hard!
    I love books by Sandi Fox and Maggie McCormick Gordon
    they are very inspirational to me and I have made a few quilts from their books.
    The book I go to all the time is The American Quilt by Roderick Kiracofe
    I just love so many of the antique quilts in this book

    thanks I hope to be able to visit this book store next time I get to NYC
    do they have the Japanese quilt magazines too?

  4. I think the books would be lots of fun to look at and who knows, maybe figure out a pattern. My favorite author is probably Jeanna Kimball. I took a class from her on hand quilting and love her quilting. I have been looking for the book Material Obsession because of the reviews I've read on blogs. It sounds like an interesting book. Some of my favorite books for patterns are the Blended Quilts books by Marsha McClusky. There are so many beautiful ones I want to make.

  5. My favorite is Debbie Mumm's Quilting Through the Year. She has a lot of quick projects--- and I love her fabrics.

  6. Classics in Plaid and Stripes by Piece O Cake is my fav. I've made all but one!!


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