Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Hour A Day Progress

A few weeks ago, Nicole of Sister's Choice blogged about how much she was able to accomplish by working on a quilt for just an hour a day. It sounded like A PLAN to me; it is so hard to find big chunks of time. So when I returned from my trips, I tidied up my studio (I use the term loosely; it is a bedroom that doubles as guest room and storage for orphan furniture) and got the blue and gold project organized for hour-at-a-time work.

I'm glad to report it works just like Nicole said it would and I am making progress.
I've got the quilt cut, organized for chain piecing, all the sashing is pieced, and a few of the blocks are finished (see photo above). I think I'll be able to finish this top in about a week. Then I'll move on to one of my UFOs.

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