Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finished Flimsy

I finished the blue and gold quilt top yesterday but had to wait until today's more cooperative weather to take the photos. I was trying to keep this a secret from Miss Main Street but she burst in me during the layout so she knows about it and thinks it is "cool."

I used a t-shirt purchased at the school store for the center. I backed the t-shirt with very lightweight fusible interfacing then cut out, centering the school name and falcon logo. I added some strips to get it to the right size to fit the blocks. There wasn't enough fabric between the logo and the neck of the shirt to cut it full size and still center the logo - there would have been a lot of blank t-shirt fabric at the bottom of the block.

The hardest thing about this quilt was coming up with the design. It had to combine the two high contrast colors yet be simple enough that the piecing would not fight the t-shirt block for attention. I think it came out pretty well and was easy and fast to piece, especially when I got on the hour-a-day plan. The top is 61" by 82".

I just have to piece the back then it will go off to the longarm quilter.

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