Sunday, July 12, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

The August edition of Real Simple magazine asks, "What is your guiltiest pleasure?"

Chocolate - I am a major sweet tooth and have a chocolate stash. It used to be hidden but my daughter found it; she has the bug even worse than me, which I did not think was possible. My favorites: See's chocolate mint patties, Trader Joe's chocolate mint UFOs, Cadbury chocolate with almonds, Ritter anything.

Romance novels - I am partial to authors Mary Balogh and Loretta Chase. They can be counted on for about a book a year but Mary Balogh was unusually prolific this year with four new books out already! That's almost overload as my annual allotment is about 7 or 8; any more and it is like eating too much sugar at once.

Cosmopolitans - I refer to that girly pink variation on a vodka martini. I am not of the Sex In The City generation or demeanor but I like my cosmo once in a while. I don't feel guilty if I drink just one.

Purses - There is nothing better than a new handbag to give me a fashion pick-me-up. I just bought a new Brahmin purse in olive green moc-croc leather. It will be a little boost for my fall wardrobe, brighten up all the blacks and browns I wear.

Notice I didn't mention fabric, quilting, making stuff - no, no guilt about that!

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