Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Bucket List - Quilting Version

I've been reading this book:

It is about how setting and achieving goals leads to greater happiness in life. The author encourages readers to make a list or lists with goals to achieve, both short-term and long-term. The act of writing it down is the first step toward accomplishing it; sharing your goals with others is also important because your social circle can help or hinder the accomplishment of your goals.

So I am sharing this list here - my list of quilts I've seen on the internet that inspire me to make something similar someday.

Anne's A Tisket A Tasket Block-of-the-Month quilt
So cute, perfect for my kitchen quilt wall-hanging holder, and I've been wanting to try applique again. I have most of the fabric, just need the background. And I need to start!

Megan's wild applique
I love the bright colors on brown so I put the Aunt Millie book on my list.

Heather of Anka's Treasures has a brand new book with lots of great looking ideas. I don't know whether I'll make All Wrapped Up or Chain Reaction first.

Bookcase quilt
This is such a creative use of selvages. Something like this would be a fantastic gift for my husband, the bookworm and high school English teacher. But I would have to substitute Corgis for the cats.

Kellie's Circles quilt
Kellie has a distinctive style that is very unlike my usual thing. I am taken with the exuberance of this design and it would be a big challenge as it take me very much out of my comfort zone.

Hanne's Nearly Insane Quilt
Ninety-eight 6" blocks! Are we clear on how this quilt got its name? So intricate and gorgeous, and a real testament to Hanne's skill. I look forward to the day when my piecing skills are such that I have the confidence to take on something similar.

Grandmother's Flower Garden hexagon quilt
The quilt is shown in a photo taken at a quilting store so I'm not sure who made or designed it. I've long wanted to paper-piece one of these, even have a few "flowers' started. Neutrals are unusual for this design but I very much like the look. This would make a great portable or carry-around-to-work-on-while-waiting-here-and-there project.

By the way, I admire women who blog in English when it is not their first language. I took French in school but I would not get far with a blog consisting of "Ou est le biblioteque?" and "Je m'appelle Cathy." I'm starting to pick up a few Spanish phrases from repeated exposure in our local bodega. I think the sign at the cash register translates as something along the lines of "If you spend $15 you get a free can of black beans."

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