Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Like Sunshine On A Cloudy Day - A Finished Quilt

I have a quilt finish to share; I'm calling this one Like Sunshine On A Cloudy Day.

This quilt was inspired by a string quilt I made several years ago.  It is my most used quilt and I thought something similar to use in rotation could be a good idea.  Inspiration also came from my stash, as it holds a lot of floral prints in light colors, mainly from the 3 Sisters collections for Moda.  I was really wanting to make a quilt from my stash, something I would really like and not just for the sake of using the stash (I put too much time into my quilts to spend it making something I'm not enthusiastic about).

I sent the top and backing to Karen Thompson, my longtime quilt collaborator.  Karen used an edge-to-edge design that is similar to Baptist fan, a quilting pattern I'd wanted to use for a long time.  

I bound the quilt with a darker pink tone-on-tone print.  It makes a nice finish and complements the darker pinks in some of the floral prints. The blocks are just 6" square and each strip of fabric in the block finishes at 1" wide so this is a good block for those leftover bits and pieces of fabric we all have.

I even used fabric from my stash for the back.  This is big quilt, 96" square for a queen size bed, and I didn't have enough of any one print but I had two coordinating prints.  I must have bought these with some use in mind but I can't remember what.

I'm happy with the way this quilt turned out and have it on my bed now.  It's like a ray of sunshine on these dreary January days.

photo signature_zps7mcw44cc.png


  1. This is so pretty.thank you for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful day of sunshine! I know what you mean about just using your stash just for the sake of using it. Do you still have any 3 sisters left? It's a very pretty finish for the new year.

  3. What a beautiful quilt and yes, a sunshine quilt for sure! So, did it make a dent in your stash? Love that we can use our fabrics and come out with such a beautiful quilt. Great finish Cathy

  4. Wow -- it's beautiful Cathy! I love the pretty, soft florals. And the fan quilting is the perfect choice - Congratulations on a Gorgeous Finish!!!


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