Sunday, June 3, 2018

Back, and Quilting Again

Wow, I never intended to be away from the blog so long.  Full time jobs take too much time away from quilting in the first place, then various circumstances at my place of work resulted in me working even more than usual for the past few months.  Weekends have been for catching up on household tasks like laundry.  I was not seeing much of the inside of my sewing room, just catching snatches of quilting inspiration via Instagram and blogs at odd moments or at the end of the day when I lacked the energy for anything else.

But I was sorely missing my creative outlet so over Memorial Day weekend, I got back to a project I started in Oct. 2017 (you can see the start here).  I got my Wildflowers blocks sewn into rows then put the rows together this past weekend. 

The pattern is Wildflowers, by Kim Brackett, and is in her book Scrap Basket Strips and Squares.  My next step is to applique the centers to each flower then I am actually thinking of machine quilting it myself.  Ever since I got the book Walk, by Jacquie Gering, I've been wanting to give machine quilting another try.  I have an idea for a quilting design for this top, plus it is small (so easy to manage) and the busy-ness will make it more forgiving of any hitches in the quilting. 

I promise to be back soon, in less than three months anyway.

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  1. The fabrics are very pretty - soothing like an English cottage garden. It's the perfect pattern for them, too! Walk is a riot of inspiration between 2 covers, so enjoy your quilting. So much work must make the moments you actually get back to sewing that much more rewarding.

  2. Yay! Glad to see you’re back, and quilting again! Jacquie is an amazing quilter, and if you haven’t seen her Craftsy class, I recommend that you view it. Have fun with that quilt!

  3. Glad to see you back and work will do that to you sometimes....glad you were able to sew over the weekend and what a great project. Keep us posted on your machine applique centers...

  4. Happy to read updates regardless of the time that has passed. Love this quilt top, good luck with the quilting.

  5. Missed you Cathy! Your project is lovely.

  6. Glad you had a few moments for some creative me time. Thanks for catching us up


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