Monday, June 20, 2016

Ocean View - A Finished Flimsy

My version of Simply Woven is finished and I think I will call it Ocean View.  The cool, breezy colors are almost like having a fan on this hot day.

Please excuse the poor quality of the photo - Mr. Main Street's wingspan isn't quite as wide as the quilt (72") nor is he as tall (96"), it was an overcast day, and Dillie insisted on being included.  I'll try for a better one after quilting.  

By the way, making this quilt made me a convert to heavy starch.  If you recall, I starched the jelly roll strips with spray starch (saturated them really) before cutting.  No stretching or pulling out of shape and the blocks went together so easily.  I'll be doing this now whenever appropriate.  To make it easier, our local supermarket, McCaffrey's, is stocking spray starch in the laundry section again.  Do you think the buyer reads my blog, lol?

 photo signature_zps7mcw44cc.png


  1. Ocean view is the perfect name. It's a beautiful quilt and the colors are lovely. I like you idea about the starch for a jelly roll. Did it help to keep the fuzz under control?

  2. This is beautiful, like a summer breeze. Thanks for the followup commenting on the starch method.

  3. Ocean View is a great name for this quilt! It finished up beautifully! Starch is indeed a necessary step for quilting. I used to dread the "extra step"... but, it's worth it because it helps with easing stitching and accuracy... I started with magic sizing, but now used "full strength" starch.


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