Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Can you Hear The Waves?

I've been working on the blocks for my Simply Woven quilt and now have 48 finished blocks like the one above.  I've got the blocks laid out on the "design bed" and am tryiing not to obsess over block placement.  I am rotating the blocks 180 degrees in alternate rows.

The Moda Bakeshop instructions are quite detailed, with lots of helpful photos of the block construction process. But the instructions don't include pressing directions.  I quickly realized that if I pressed to the dark, I'd wind up with lots of bulk at the seams when it came time to join the blocks.  So I pressed my seams open instead.  That has worked out well as the blocks are nice and flat and the woven strips are lining up very nicely.  You can see the joining seam running horizontally in the middle of the photo below.

I'll be back with the finished flimsy soon.

 photo signature_zps7mcw44cc.png


  1. These are very much my colors and this quilt feels so much like summer. Look forward to seeing it finished.

  2. Awesome colors. I can hear the ocean waves!

  3. Beautiful! I printed off the pattern after your last post! Thanks for the pressing tip.


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