Monday, March 28, 2016

The Wall Street Journal Comes In Handy

I've made some progress on my La Passacaglia project, my English paper piecing, extremely slow going, hand sewing project.  In my last post on this topic, it was this far along:

Now I'm here:

I've added three more rosettes to the upper left side.

Wondering what connection the Wall Street Journal could possibly have to quilting?   I used pages from the newspaper to make a template the size I want my finished quilt to be.  My plan is for this quilt to be a wall hanging, to hang in a specific space in my house.  This means it needs to be a little bit smaller than the original in the book with the directions so I need to make some modifications.  I taped newspaper pages together to the size I want (roughly 40" by 55").  

With the quilt on top of the newspaper template, I can see how much more work I need to do.  Importantly, I can see where I need to insert partial rosettes along the edges to square up the flimsy.  I don't want to piece a lot of rosettes only to wack off large parts of them. 

I'll use rulers to square up the final top but this newspaper template is a big help in the meantime.

 photo signature_zps7mcw44cc.png


  1. How could you bear to "wack" any of it off!! ;-D
    This is going (already is) to be beautiful.

  2. You know what would be neat? If you could finish this off without squaring it to even sides. Can that be done with this kind of work? I did it with a hexi butterfly I made some years ago

  3. The word wack it off has madeeveryone shutter. It would be cool to leave the edges like ithey are, but not sure how you would finish it off. Maybe appliquing it to a background piece? Whatever you do, the quilt continues to be a masterpiece

  4. Really is coming along nicely Cathy and a true labor of love. Looks like a good way to get the correct size needed when you have a certain size in mind. I can't wait to see how this finally comes out and loving your progress!


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