Thursday, March 31, 2016

Merrily We Roll Along

With Mr. Main Street glued to the television watching basketball, I've had some extra time to sew and made some real progress on La Passacaglia in the last week.  The third big rosette is now in place in the upper left corner.

One big rosette to go, along with some of the small rosettes and some partials to fill in along the edges.  The end is in sight for a project I thought would take forever!

The top has grown big enough to be unwieldy as I sew on additional pieces, hard to hold and manipulate, hard to line up the pieces exactly.  I'm thinking of removing some of the paper pieces, just leaving then in around the edges for stability.  My hope is that this will make the top easier to manipulate.  Does anyone have experience with EPP and want to offer advice on this issue?  I'm also wondering if it is worth it to save the paper pieces for re-use?

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  1. Your latest rosette I'd lovely. I don't have much experience with EPP but with my little hexies I've taken out the center papers. And it seems easier to me to hold on to when I add the next row. I'd probably save the papers if I thought they might work into another project. You never know.

  2. Your project is lovely. My experience with EPP is limited to hexagons of various sizes, and my advise would be the same as Kyle posted in the previous comment. So much love and patience stitched into these rosettes. This will be one pattern I will admire only. Beautiful!
    ; )

  3. No experience here, Cathy, but it's going to be beautiful - can't wait to see it finished! Happy weekend!

  4. I remove papers as I go along. I do keep the papers in the outside edges, and I also reuse most them.

    The quilt becomes so much easier to manipulate when it's soft.


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