Friday, September 4, 2015

A Fast Interim Project

I'm interrupting work on La Passacaglia to make a quilt for a new addition to the family.  This little guy was born last April; in a great coincidence he shares a birthday with Miss Main Street, but 20 years apart.  His mother is Mr. Main Street's niece and the family lives in Toronto.  He needs his quilt before it gets cold up there!

I have a plan and the cutting went fast.  

I'm using fabric left from making Modern Herringbone so I know I will like the colors!  But the piecing on this one will be fast and easy.  I want something they are not afraid to actually use.  

It will be all half and quarter square triangles, easy machine piecing I can work on in a half hour or so in the evenings after work.  If all goes according to plan,  I'll have something close to finished to show you next week.

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  1. Love making those quickies in between big projects. Can't wait to see what you've planned.


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