Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Go Four It

Do you have four-patch fever?  Are you joining American Patchwork & Quilting's Go Four It quilt along?  I was very tempted to join in, only held back by the feeling I have too many projects going on at once.  Then I realized, been there, done that!

I have a bunch of quilts hanging on these re-purposed curtain rods on my upstairs landing, right outside the bedrooms.  See that quilt on the lower left, the one hiding behind the hot pink and aqua quilt?  I made it about 15 years ago, while in my 30's repro phase.

The block is called Arkansas Crossroads.  My four patch blocks were pieced to finish at 4 inches (2 inch squares/2.5 inches cut), so the individual block is 8 inches.  The "look" comes about as you sew the individual blocks together.  

This border effect is made by inserting 2" strips (cut 2.5") of solid blue (or use any coordinating color) between the outer most blocks.  It makes a nice finish without having to use a single fabric for the border, and works well for a scrap quilt.  

I made my quilt single bed size but this block works for any size quilt - just add more blocks to fit a larger bed.  The April issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine has directions and several different layouts using four patch blocks.  And so many quilt bloggers have joined in that a quick Google search will take you to more alternative settings.  

I'm still tempted to join in.


  1. I'm being tempted, but haven't dived in yet. I really like how that quilt is set together to create the look of the squares floating. Very nice!

  2. ADORABLE! I love that quilt -- sooo cute!!!


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