Thursday, January 1, 2015

And Then There Were Seven

Happy New Year!  I started the new year doing what I love to do and spent the whole afternoon in my sewing room working on my current project.  I have seven blocks up on my design wall.  I am loving this color combination! 

While at the sewing machine, I thought about what lies ahead for me, quilting-wise, this year.  I want to make some smaller quilts.  We have more than enough bed-size quilts and smaller quilts like wall hangings will give me scope to try new techniques without a major commitment of time and fabric.  I could put a new wall hanging into the rotation in my kitchen. 

We also have a couple of additions to the family who need quilts!  My mother-in-law is a quilter but at nearly 90, she is no longer up to it and her latest great-grandchild did not receive a quilt yet.  Poor Abby had to make do with a crocheted afghan on Christmas!  An afghan is all very well but it is not a quilt!  So I had better make a quilt for Abby and one for the baby on the way.  (By the way, these babies are not my grandchildren.  They are the grandchildren of Mr. Main Street's sisters.  Miss Main Street is only 19 and, much as I love babies, I can wait a few years - or 10 -  for a grandchild of my own.)

And my project for the year is an applique quilt.  So far all I've done is selected the pattern and the fabric.  I need to prep some blocks so I have some hand work to take with me when the opportunity arises. 

But of course, I can't plan too much; I need to allow time in the plan to respond to inspiration as it arises.  While on Pinterest updating my Quilts To Make In 2014 board, now re-titled Quilts To Make in 2015, a few items caught my eye.  And more of this is bound to happen over the course of the year so I need to be flexible. 

It is wonderful to have the inspiration of my fellow bloggers and quilting Instagrammers.  And even better to have your support!  It is so uplifting to know there are a few people who think it is worth their time to check in on what I am making.  Thank you for joining me on my quilting journey.


  1. I love the colours too!
    Greetings from The Netherlands

  2. Love seeing what is up next for you and following what you are working on....think it is time that I start a 2015 list. Hope I can find some of those patterns I wanted to do...:)))))

  3. Oh...and love these star blocks. Colors are just great

  4. I'm lovin' the colours in this one too - great block.


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