Monday, April 21, 2014

Trip To The Quilt Shop

Last week, I showed you this quilt, "Pattern Play" by Pat Bravo, from the latest issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine.

My enthusiasm for this design is still with me so on Saturday, I drove to my LQS (Pennington Quilt Works) to see what they had in the way of solids.  A nice little supply came home with me but this is just a start on what I need for the project.  The grays are Kona Medium Gray on the left and Kona Coal on the right. 

So after I got home I made a little trip to the internet and ordered up 12 more colors!  I hope they all go together; color is such a dicey thing with internet images.  But I used the colors from the Kona Sunset collection as a guide so I am hopeful.  When I am to a good place to pause on the Double Wedding Ring project, I'm going to start of my own "Pattern Play."


  1. Solids are certainly making a come back. Your new project will be fun to watch. The colors you've choose so far are lovely.

  2. I love the colors so far! It can be frustrating choosing colors off the computer. I think that is why the precuts/lines are so popular!

  3. If you have a Joann's Fabric close, they carry Kona, and have a goot price, 7.99 then you can get use the coupon too.
    Colors are very nice, some blue might look good with those green's.

  4. Yours is going to be so much prettier than mine. Good choices on your solids!


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