Monday, March 10, 2014

Blocks Finished

I managed to finish the log cabin blocks over the course of the past week.  These are good blocks for making in small spurts of time, ideal for evenings after work. 

The next step is sewing the blocks together into the top.  But that will have to wait a week.  Miss Main Street is home for spring break so I've lost the design bed.  So far, she's spent most of her time at home sleeping, making up for too little sleep at college I guess. 
A survey of the contents of  the Fig Tree Harvest basket indicates I will need to be very creative, or very scrappy, for the next project.  While I still seem to have quite a lot of Fig Tree Quilts fabric, it is now a mixture of this and that, with a lot of smaller pieces.  Though I do have quite a bit of light blue, as well as a pale minty color.   I'm sure I will find some inspiration somewhere on the internet!


  1. I love your Log Cabin project and your "magic basket"...I have one of those too! I have amassed a HUGE stash of Fig Tree fabrics from various clubs and projects and they never seem to go down too.
    Every once in a while I make a scrap quilt from them but it still doesn't go down......

    Peggy in NJ

  2. Getting the blocks done always feels like a major accomplishment.

  3. Congrats on getting all of your blocks made. Now the fun part is sewing the top together ;-)


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