Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Taking Shape

I made lots of progress on my Christmas quilt over the weekend.  We've had great quilting and sewing weather lately, cold and lots of snow, best to stay inside.  Earlier, I showed you what one block of this quilt looks like:

With18 blocks finished, you can see how the design comes together.  (The blocks are not sewn together yet.)

Unfortunately, the design wall I made out of insulation board and batting got ruined while in our basement over the Christmas and New Year's holiday.  I was storing it down there to get it out of the sewing/guest room during my Mom's visit and left it there while on the trip to Hawaii.  While I was gone, we had the hardwood floors in the first floor of our house replaced.  The process dislodged a lot of dust and gunk from the basement ceiling, now all firmly lodged on the design wall's batting.  Yuck!  I'm going back to the design bed, using a white flannel sheet spread over Miss Main Street's bed.  With her away, I won't have to pick it up every night in order to sleep in the bed so it should work out better than it did before.  
Back to the quilt in progress...the design is from Modern Bee by Lindsay Conner. 


  1. I really like how the secondary pattern becomes the star. It's going to be a fantastic holiday quilt with a nice open area for a quilting design.

  2. Wow, looks really wonderful. I love this pattern.
    Grit from Germany

  3. That is so pretty.... Love it !

  4. An unfortunate renovating disaster! I love this quilt that you are making. The design is so effective. However, I know you said the instructions are not fantastic and you've had to adapt bits. That puts me off!


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