Monday, November 25, 2013

Let's Talk About Thread

I've spend the past few days piecing these little units.  They finish at 4" square and I need 64 of them. They will form the four corners of the star blocks for Twilight Hopscotch.   I had to take the photo in poor light (the weather is not cooperating here); the background is white, not pink.

I usually piece using thread in a neutral color;  ecru, beige, or gray.  I use white thread if ecru seems too dark, like when I have a lot of white background.  Any of these neutral colors blends into most printed fabric but two color quilts can be tricky.  I used gray thread on all of my blue and gold school auction quilts, which worked very well. 

I had to give some thought to the thread for this green and white quilt and have settled on a plan.  I used green on top and white in the bobbin when I sewed the green and white fabric strips together.  These strips get sub-cut to make the mini four patch units then joined with the white squares to make the larger four patch units.  I used white thread in both top and bobbin to sew the four patch units. 

To make the stars, I'll go back to green thread on top, white in the bobbin to make the star points, then green on top and bobbin to join the points to the center square.  Then to join all the pieces into  the star block, I'll switch back to white thread.  I think this will work well; I just have to remember to make all the thread changes!


  1. Good for you for changing out thread. I usually just use a neutral through, unless I'm working with black. Once or twice I wished I had changed colors. Thanks for the reminder on that!

  2. Wow -- I never thought about using two different colors. I almost always use off-white -- unless I'm piecing white or black LOL!


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