Friday, November 22, 2013

Four Patch Mania

My first step in making Twilight Hopscotch is making the four patch units.  About a gazillion of them...ok, I exaggerate, 128 to be exact.  They are strip pieced, sliced and diced, and sewn again.  Very easy.

In fact, I think this quilt will be quite easy and fast to make.  Definitely worth considering if you are looking for a design for a two color quilt, or even a three color quilt. 


  1. I will enjoy watching your progress! I am thinking of making Christmas quilts next year and letting my children pick. This could be good option. I have a couple started, but love the two color idea. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I googled this quilt and I think you were right -- a gazillion of them! Ohmygosh -- it's a beautiful quilt -- I can't wait to watch yours come together. Are you planning on having it done for THIS Christmas??


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