Monday, September 30, 2013


I did  not have much time to spare for my sewing machine last week but I did get a few Jubilee blocks done.  With all 49 up, I've outgrown my design wall.  The blocks in the column on the far right are hanging, half on and half off. 

I did my usual arranging and re-arranging of the blocks, agonizing over the color placement, but I'm happy with it now.  The challenge will be to keep all the blocks in their assigned positions as I attach the sashing and sew the blocks into rows.  I've seen some gizmos that are supposed to help with that process, lettered tags and numbered pins, and things of that nature, but have not used any myself.  If you've used any of these items, I'd like to know what you think.  A worthwhile investment in your opinion?


  1. I made my own. Using a Sharpie I wrote numbers on the tops of those pins with the large flat flowered heads. Always put the pins in the same place on each block, I use upper left. Once each row is connected, I leave a pin in that row, denoting the row number, until the rows are connected. Row 1 Block 1 has a pin in it until I'm done.

    I'm like you, I spend a lot of time getting each block in just the perfect place, so they need to stay in that place!

    I've also pinned pieces of paper to each block but the pins work better. Just go a row at a time, 1 - 7! Good Luck!

  2. My two methods vary depending on quilt size. I have a permanent set of small cloth taqs that are numbered and lettered. For row one the tags read 1a,1b...and so forth. Next rows beginning of course with 2a.These I pin on and use for large projects such as yours.
    For smaller projects I use the same coding but only on masking tape.
    I bought the pattern and hope to make a quilt for myself next year.

  3. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

    Take a lot of pictures and you will have an instant visual guide of what goes where. Pictures on my tablet have saved my bacon on more than one occasion when I couldn't remember what went where. :o)

  4. I always put a pin on the left block of each row. If I need to mark them, I just number a bit of blue painters tape and use it. Recently I bought a set of safety pins that are numbered, but I forget to use them. It seems that no matter WHAT I use or try to do, I still make a mistake! The quilt is looking gorgeous!

  5. What a great block! Your color choices are just right for this.

  6. I've used numbered squares of paper that are pinned on (but Thelma's suggestion with the flower pins is great!). I recently started using a photo taken with my phone. I set it as the homescreen's wallpaper then just look at the phone to remember which block goes where.

  7. Gorgeous blocks, just love seeing them all hanging on your design wall. I too have numbered my own flat head pins. That's what works best for me.

  8. Hi Just found your great quilt searching around for "3 grid star blocks" and your Jubilee blocks are really great!
    On keeping things in rows, I'd pass on the fancy gadgets. Get a roll of painters tape, and label each row top to bottom. MAKE SURE THE NUMBER IS CUT NICE & SQUARE FROM THE ROLL, AND IS PLACED NICE & STRAIGHT UP & DOWN ON ALL THE ROWS (as a directional guide)... (you could also put an arrow with the number to show the direction of the row. For example: "1→"). Pick the blocks up one at a time, one row at a time, so that the beginning block of each row is on top of each stack. Then simply put your stacks of rows on the table, being careful to keep them all facing the same way (which you'll know because the number- placed STRAIGHT UP & DOWN on the block- is your guide. You could number each block, but I find it's just as easy to only number the beginning of the row. Keep your tags on until the end.


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