Friday, July 5, 2013

Some Assembly Required

I'm in the process of assembling my Lemoyne stars quilt.  The blocks are set on point, alternating the stars and the pieced blocks with the small brown squares.  As a result, the quilt takes shape from one upper corner to the opposite lower corner.

This is about one-third of the finished quilt, laid out on our queen size bed so I can get an idea of how big it is turning out.  I'm not sure yet how big I want it to be.
Assembly is not my most favorite part of quilt-making.  It's not that I dislike it, but I find it slow going and sometimes tedious, especially when putting together a large quilt with lots of blocks.  Part of it is how I obsess over which blocks should be next to each other, and which blocks shouldn't be next to each other, to get a good flow of color across the quilt.  This one is not giving me too much trouble, so that's good.
I had a double dose of the domestic arts here on the 4th of July, first a few hours of sewing then I made this red-white-and-blueberry cake for a patriotic celebration. 
It's a red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and a garnish of fresh blueberries.  Yum!


  1. Your Lemoyne stars quilt is going to be gorgeous ! You are making gret progress. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt

  2. The set for your lemoyne star is really visually exciting. It frames your stars without being overwhelming. Keep sewing!

  3. Just love how your Lemoyne Star quilt is coming together! Your alternate block design is awesome and frames the stars so wonderfully!


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