Sunday, July 14, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday - Week 14

I finished my Lemoyne star quilt project and posted about it earlier in the week, here.  OK, twist my arm,  I'll show it off again.

49 Lemoyne stars in an 80" quilt yet it hardly made a dent in my scrap basket!  Still full, so I need another scrappy project, and I certainly found lots of inspiration and ideas by visiting the blogs of the other Scrap Basket Sunday participants.  Thank you all, scrap quilters!

I'll be back to scrappy quilting soon, but first a time out for small, not-scrappy project.

Go over to Kim's blog and see what the other scrappers are up to.


  1. Well I for one am happy to look at your Lamoyne star quit again, it's a beauty. You started off with fairly low expectations, but it sure turned out amazing. incredible what a person can do on a few Sundays and with a few scraps. Great Job!

  2. Such a gorgeous finish Cathy!
    I enjoyed following your progress on this beautiful Lemoyne Star quilt!

  3. It's definitely worth showing off 2 times. It's a beauty!

  4. still beautiful :)
    love the basket full of fabric!!!!

  5. Beautiful!! Well done on the completion...I love the setting you have used. Gorgeous!! About the ruler you used - does it eliminate the need for the set in seams? I look forward to seeing what else comes out of your scrap basket :-)

  6. Hello again - I just 'back read' and went to the link - the ruler sounds fantastic!!

  7. Beautiful quilt! When I first looked at the top picture, I thought ... isn't that amazing how it looks like a stained glass window almost? Then I realized and read below in your post that it was the seams showing through - but it was a neat effect! I love the setting blocks. They are simple, but really made a big difference. I'll have to remember that block for future reference. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. What a fantastic quilt. So, so wonderful.
    Grit from Germany


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