Tuesday, October 9, 2012

McCall's Quilting Nov/Dec 2012 - A Review

Over the weekend, I picked up the new edition of McCall's Quilting (Nov/Dec 2012).  The Nov/Dec issue is usually one of my favorites, so I bought this one despite the despicable practice of poly-bagging the magazine so you can't browse the contents before purchase.  Still, the cover shot was attractive and promised a few Christmas-y projects, as usual for this time of year.

I don't think anything in this particular issue is going on my quilting to-do list.  It was a little disappointing.  But I'll provide a glimpse of the contents here.  We don't all like all the same things and you may see something here that captures your interest.  (Note, these are just a few of the projecs in this issue which also comes with a CD with six additional small projects - hence the reason for the polybag.)
First up is Cadeaux de Noel (Christmas present in French), a roughly twin bed size quilt.  I rather like this block and the multiple border treatment, but am not drawn to the red background.  This was designed by Susan Guzman, a frequent McCall's Quilting contributor. 

Next is Woolen Welcome, from Deirdre Bond-Abel.  It introduces a reverse applique technique with wool on quilting cotton to make a 27" wall hanging.

This is Pinwheel Pines, a woodsy looking throw quilt designed by JoBeth Simons.  This would make a good scrap/stash quilt and could be done in many other color palettes. 

I rather like these holly leaf appliqued placemats, designed by Laurie Tigner.  They are machine appliqued and this section includes directions for the placemats as well as a table runner and hot pad.  Again, a good scrap/stash project.

My Signature Color:Red is one of the cover quilts.  The scrappy design, by Lynn Lister (another frequent contributor) makes a generous throw quilt.  Of course, this could be done in colors other than red if your signature color is blue, or purple, or...

Crowning Touch makes a 50" square quilt, shown in the photo across a kitchen counter.  It is a novel use of HSTs and I like the border.  This project was designed by Cathy Wierzbicki. 

Like I said above, there are some additional projects in this issue.  Additionally, the ads and tips columns can be as interesting as the main features. 


  1. I hate when magazines wrap the issue in a bag. It's like telling me "guess!". I stopped buying Fons and Porter's magazines because they do that on every issue. Like we need more plastic in the landfills! I can go on and on. This is a sore subject for me. UG!
    McCall's has lost it's charm for me. I agree that thier Xmas issue tends to be better than the others but I find that my tastes have moved past what they offer. I love my American Patchwork and Quilting though. :)
    Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks for the review on this magazine. I also do not like when they put a magazine in a plastic bag so you can not look thru the magazine :-( I agree what you have shown so far would not be on my to do list either.

    I am also a big fan of American Patchwork and quilting

  3. Thanks for confirming that I made the right decision in leaving it at the store.

  4. Thanks for the little look inside the magazine. When the publishers first started this plastic cover gimick I decided - No Peek/No Purchase. It's ridiculous for many reasons and a soap box issue for me.

  5. Thanks for showing the inside!
    I find that most magazines are looking more and more alike. New twists on old patterns with new fabric, etc.

  6. I'm a fan of Lynn Lister's designs. Her red quilt is one I would make. I got Prim Quilts & Projects in the mail today--darling stuff in this issue!

  7. I had the very same reaction to this disappointing issue. I won't renew my subscription.

  8. I pass up magazines that have plastic wrap. Maybe they think by giving something free will make us want to buy it. Maybe if they lowered the price and forget the free stuff( which is probably things they have offered before) therefore saving on the plastic and giving quilters a chance to look at what they offer in the magazine before they buy it. Buying a magazine with not one project your really interested in is like I could have bought a half yard of fabric that I do like. Sorry So long , Cindy


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