Friday, October 5, 2012

Hanging A Quilt

Now, when I look up from my sewing machine, this is what I see:

My "spools" quilt is hanging on the wall across from the table where my sewing machine lives.  The quilt is hanging from a strip of wood perched on two 3M Command hooks.  This hanging technique works well for smaller quilts.  A small piece of lumber (a little wider and thicker than a yard stick) goes across the back at the top of the quilt, held in place by tabs of fabric across the corners. 

I hung twoCommand hooks on the wall so they would be 5" in from each side, then perched the strip of wood in the hooks. (Use a level to be sure the two hooks are lined up evenly.) This method is easy on the budget (the wood was under $2 at Lowes and the Command hooks were about $3), and the hooks don't leave any marks on the wall, should I want to take it down some day (but why would I want to?).

I've christened this quilt Keep Calm and Sew On, the name being inspired by the iconic British WWII poster.  I'm sure you've seen variations of this poster all over the internet.  I made this little quilt using the Spools pattern from Thimble Blossoms, only I reduced the size of the block so I could make the spools using charm squares instead of a jelly roll.  The finished size is 30" wide and 31" long.  The fabric is California Girl by Fig Tree Designs, with Kona white for the background and the yellow, tan, and white ticking stripe from California Girl for the binding. 

Early on, I was indoctrinated in the need to use bias binding, and only bias binding, on quilts. I don't think I've broken that "rule" until now.  I really preferred the appearance of the stripes on the straight of grain.  Plus, it is a wall hanging so the edge won't get that much wear.  But I'll go back to bias binding for my next bed quilt!

This was a fun, fast project.  If you need a something to cheer up your sewing space, I highly recommend that you make a Spools of your own. 


  1. LOVE the spools especially the way you stacked them. reminds me of my kids playing with my spools in my sewing room.

  2. Great finish ! Your Spools quilt is adorable !

  3. I really appreciate the tip on hanging these smaller quilts. I had not thought of just sewing in the corner pieces, versus a full sleeve. I will definitely try this on my next wall quilt.

  4. Love your spools quilt. The quilting looks great, also. Did you do it? Thanks for the tip on hanging a small quilt. And please share with me the part about bias binding wearing better. I am a self-taught quilter and I didn't know about that.

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