Monday, July 23, 2012

Storing and Displaying Quilts

How do you store or display your finished quilts?  I am looking for ideas.  I've accumulated quite a number here at our house on Main Street, even though a good number of the quilts I've made were given away as gifts.  I have several for every bed, usually with one quilt on the bed, maybe another folded at the foot, and the rest stored in old pillow cases under the bed. 

I have a space in my kitchen where I hang a rotating collection of wall hangings and several lap or throw size quilts that stay in our family room for snuggly TV viewing. 

Still, I have "extras" without a place to call home.  I would like to get some kind of standing quilt rack for the bedroom, one that could hold three or so throw size quilts and look decorative in the process. 

Then, on Pinterest, I saw this:

It is from Robinson's Woodcrafts.  Not sure where I would put it though. 

I'd love to know what you do with your collection of quilts.  Please leave a comment.


  1. I have yet to find the right display piece. I would love to put up a ladder but I just don't have any corner or open space. All my walls have something. I am thinking I'd like a low cabinet with glass doors but I have not found the right one yet...

  2. I don't have one but I like the ladders that show more of each quilt. I have a old linen rack I use for little quilts. I also have a antique saw that holds another small quilt. Mostly they are folded on bookshelves etc.

  3. I have a tall cabinet with glass doors where I store quite a few of my quilts. I do many stored flat on a twin bed, as well. I love the quilt racks you're showing today.

  4. I have all of my quilts displayed in my wicker bookshelf in my sewing studio / office. I have 4 large shelves. 1 shelf has my Christmas quilts, 1 shelf has my fall color quilts , 1 shelf has my Spring color quilts and 1 shelf has my table toppers and table runners on it. I have a curtain rod in my dining room where I display different quilts thru the year .

  5. My closets are bursting with quilts I rotate them with the seasons. Some are draped on my stair rail 3 or 4 deep, I have quilts on the walls. I just pin a sleeve to the quilt if I don't have a sleeve sewn to it and run a lattice strip through and hang it on little nails on the wall. I worry about quilts fading is just part is on display especially in a sunny room.

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