Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Schnibble Sized It!

As soon as I saw the Spools quilt from Thimble Blossoms in photos from Spring Quilt Market, I wanted to make one for the wall in my sewing room.   And I thought California Girl would be perfect for this pattern - bright and cheery, and it would coordinate with the yellow walls and green rug in the room. 

Just a slight problem.  My wall space is limited so I needed to make a smaller quilt.  And I had two charm packs of California Girl, rather than the jelly roll the pattern called for.  Block resizing to the rescue!

Using my trusty calculator, I resized the blocks, so that the strips that form the "thread" on the spools could be cut from a 5" charm square.  I got two strips from each charm square and used some tan fabric from my stash for the spools.  (The pattern directions have you cut the spool pieces from jelly roll strips.)

(Spools does not have a border; flimsy is on my white batting design wall)

Sixteen blocks later, I have a 28" by 30" wall hanging made from one charm pack, some tan scraps from stash and a little Kona White for background.  I call it the Schnibble size version of Spools, after the Schnibbles patterns from Miss Rosie's Quilt CoSchnibbles are patterns for small quilts (usually around 32" square or so) that are made from two charm packs plus some yardage for background, binding, and maybe a border. 

The way I sized my blocks, I could cut two thread strips from each charm square (with a narrow sliver of fabric left over), and this yielded a block that is about 6" by 8".  But you could downsize them even smaller to get three thread strips from each square.  Then, when I was almost finished, another variation occurred to me (suitable for any size) - use the same fabric for the top and bottom rows of the thread and a contrasting print in the same colorway for the center strip.  This might appeal to quilters who need a more controlled scrappiness in their quilts. 

Binding fabric has been ordered.  And I have another Thimble Blossoms pattern to try soon - Hopscotch.  But I'll be making this one with a jelly roll, per the original design.


  1. That's so cool. I too like the Schnibbles size quilts and I also have limited wall space in my sewing room. Also it's a great size for a gift. Would you please tell me the cutting sizes? I have the spool pattern too, but I'm interested in the small size made with a charm pack.

  2. Very, very cute! Perfect for a sewing room wall.

  3. What a wonderful those smaller spools! Awesome idea!

  4. What a cute little Spool quilt ! I would love to make some of these for gifts ! I love the idea of just using 1 charm pack. Could you share the cutting sizes ?

  5. Love your little spools and the fabrics you used for your wooden spools!

    I would also be interested in the cutting sizes for spools and thread strips, if you'd be so kind as to share that information. I don't know about the others who asked, but I'm math challenged.

    Thank you!


  6. Cathy your little "scnibbles" spool quilt is just darling! I love that you used the tans for your spool ends, it reminds me of all the old wooden spools my mom has from sewing when I was a child. BTW I came to your blog by way of Nicole's blog after I read your comment. Although I have made the original size spool quilt for a friend, this size sure looks inviting, thanks for sharing!!


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