Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Been Too Long

I had a very busy week last week, with not enough time to quilt let alone blog about it.  But I got caught up over the weekend. 

I have almost all of the Dresden plates appliqued to the background squares.  Adding the center circles will be next.

If you have been thinking about giving applique a try, this block is the perfect project.  The edges are already turned under so you don't have to mull through the starch versus needleturn versus whatever method.  And all the edges are straight, no curves to be concerned with.  I've improved my stitch quite a bit plus am a master at inner and outer corners now. 

I decided to give these things called Thimble Pads a try and I really like them. 

Up to now, my thimble of choice has been the Coin Thimble from Clover. This is leather thimble with a metal insert on the finger pad.  This thimble works well for me except they stretch with use and I don't get much use out of one before it gets too big to stay on my finger.  I've tried wetting them to get them to shrink but with limited success.  So when I saw these Thimble Pads, I decided to give them a try.  It is a little round disk of protective material with an adhesive backing.  They stick to your finger (and it sticks very well but still comes off when you want to remove it).  Moreover, they are so comfortable!  I consider them quite a find and will definitely be buying more!

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  1. I've enjoyed watching your progress with your Dresden Plates. They are all so pretty.


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