Friday, February 17, 2012

A Visit To The City Quilter

On Wednesday, I went to NYC for a business meeting and my walk to the meeting location took me right by The City Quilter in Chelsea (25th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues).  I was early, so I went in for a look around.  The owners have expanded the store since my last visit and now operate a small gallery for art quilts in the adjacent shop front.

The City Quilter has a large selection of fabric, including an impressive collection of Asian and Asian inspired fabric.  They also stock New York City themed fabric, most of which is their own design, and have several kits from this fabric that would make good souvenirs for a visitor.  The fabric above, called New York Line By Line - Day, is one of their original designs.  They had some cute pajama pants made out of their subway map print on display. 

The store also sells a number of New York and sewing-inspired items that would make good souvenirs of your visit or gifts for sewing and quilting friends back home.  The City Quilter sells these items online; they also sell some fabric and kits online. 

I managed to get away without spending a fortune (bought a gizmo for storing stencils or rulers, along with a pattern for tiny paper-pieced blocks).  When you are next in the Chelsea area, try to visit The City Quilter.

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