Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winner's Bouquet - One Pattern, Two Looks

The last quilt I made using Fig Tree fabrics was Cider Mill.  The fabric was from a line called Patisserie and the pattern is Winner's Bouquet by Terry Atkinson. 

Here's a close-up of the block.

Fran Rolfsen (no blog) recently saw my post of Dec. 26, 2010, writtern when I completed Cider Mill, recgonized the pattern she used for her quilt, and sent me a photo.  I asked her permission to show you Fran's quilt because it is such a good example of how fabric and color selection makes such an impact on the final look of a quilt.  You are seeing a quilt made from the exact same pattern, with the same block size, but the choice of fabric resulted in a very different look. 

Isn't Fran's quilt gorgeous!  She had this to say about it:

I made mine all in batiks, which started out dark in the upper left corner and gradually worked outward and downward to be lighter and lighter and also went through different color families. Old story: it was supposed to be a wall quilt, but I kept finding more and more gorgeous batiks and so . . . ended up being king-sized! The pictures can't show the whole quilt but I was proud it turned out so well. The background is Hoffman's 1895 "buttercream."  

I just love the change of color over the surface of the quilt.  Must use that myself one of these days.  Fran, thank you so much for sharing your quilt with us.

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  1. My favorite kind of post, seeing the same pattern in two different color ways! Both are beauties!


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