Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Runway - Dress #3

My latest creation:

The fabric for the dress in this block is a little thinner than usual quilting cotton fabric.  It is closer to voile.  As a result, you can see the dress form through the dress (at least, I can see it).  But once I have all the blocks finished, I will be cutting out the backing from behind the dresses so I have less bulk to quilt through. 

It is great fun to pick out the fabric for these dresses!  It takes me back to my childhood, when I loved playing with dolls.  I am the classic tailored type now; I rarely wear a dress and when I do, it is nothing like this.  Though I did have a brief Laura Ashley phase in the 80's.  For proof, see my wedding dress.

Me and my dad just prior to my wedding.

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  1. Love the photo of you and your dad, Cathy! Beautiful!!


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