Friday, September 2, 2011

Entering A Quilt Competition

Have you ever thought about entering a quilt competition?  I had not given it any serious consideration until I heard Podcast 209 from Annie's Quilting Stash.  In the podcast, Annie Smith talks about what she looks for when judging quilts in competition.  What I found particularly interesting were all the easily fixable things that keep a quilt from being perfect (or near perfect) - loose threads, cat hair, bumpy or uneven binding. 

Additionally, Annie is very encouraging about entering shows, as a means of validation and getting feedback from judges that will help channel a quilter's efforts to improve.  So I'm actually giving it some thought.  A guild show would proably be the easiest and safest way to start, but I don't belong to a guild. 

Have you ever entered a show?  If so, do you have any tips for the first-timer?  I would love for you to leave a comment and share your thoughts. 


  1. I entered my first show last year. The year before I had asked for mentoring advice and I found one comment most helpful. Make something you love, not just something for the show, and you will have a cherished quilt whether you get any ribbons/recognition or not. My number one goal was just not to embarrass myself. Go for it. It makes the show loads more fun.

  2. I just got my quilt back from entering a quilt show this summer. I didn't win any awards but it was satisfying to see my quilt hanging up and looking just as good as the rest. The judges did have some helpful comments which will help me when entering another show.

  3. The Blue Rhapsody quilt shown here looks a lot like the pattern on the front cover of McCall's Quilting Magazine June 1999 issue [Rhapsody in Blue] quilt pattern.


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