Monday, April 18, 2011

I Score On eBay!

What did we do to waste time before the internet?  I can't remember! 

Every once in a while I go searching for "stuff" on eBay.  This time, it was Moda charm packs.  And look what I found!

Three charm packs from a "vintage" 3 Sisters collection called Maison de Noel.  I have some hoarded yardage from Maison de Noel.  I am thinking of using it for my Christmas in July project.  But with the addition of these charm packs, I may be able to eek out a second project, like a Schnibble or something. 

These charm packs are smaller, only about 30 pieces each, because "back in the day" not every Moda collection contained 40 different prints.  So it's a good thing I have three of them!

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  1. Definitely a huge score! It's definitely a favorite line. Can't wait to see what you do.


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