Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cleaning Up

One of my quilting resolutions for this year was to get in the habit of cleaning up my sewing space after each project, to start the next one out in a neat and tidy space and not let chaos take over.

I've been doing well, so far.  Between projects, I've tidied up my work table, put any leftover fabric away, cleaned the lint from the sewing machine, and inserted a new needle. 

This time I went a little further.  I had dragged all my cream neutral fabrics out of closet storage to cut the backgrounds for the quilt in yesterday's post, so I decided to tidy up that shelf when I put them away.  I refolded all the fabrics, with a stack of 1 yard plus pieces on the right, less than a yard but more than a fat quarter in the middle, then a bin of FQs and smaller pieces.  Much neater than the shelves above and below.

I would like the whole closet to look this neat but the idea of taking all the fabric out and refolding it in one go is too daunting.  I might try a shelf a week though. 

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