Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Christmas Quilt for 2010

Moda brought out this Christmas line from 3 Sisters last summer.  It is called Glace.  I've admired it ever since I saw it the first time but I resisted.  I have enough projects, I need to whittle my stash down to a size that better fits the available storage, I need to stop "investing" in fabric I won't use right away.  You know the story!

But early in December I received a gift certificate to my local quilt shop (it was a birthday present from Mr. Main Street - a big kiss for him) so when I went in the shop last week, my resistance was low.  And Christmas fabrics were on sale!   And I know exactly what I wanted to make and the pattern was free from Moda Bakeshop!  So I picked up the jelly roll and yardage.  This will become a quilt top soon.

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