Monday, April 27, 2009

Some Work-In-Progress

I consider the weather a boring topic of conversation but I feel compelled to bring it up today. Are you having freaky weather? Last Thursday, we wore our winter coats to the baseball game; it was pretty nippy and my feet were numb by the time we left. Then by Saturday, we had temps in the 80's, 96 degrees yesterday, and another scorcher today! Yes, it is time for warmer weather but I would have liked a few weeks of spring before summer! But I hear it will cool down later in the week.

Anyway, although I was on chauffer duty for Miss Main Street's lacrosse games over the weekend, I did manage to get some work done on the project I blogged about last Monday. Here's a peek; more to follow when I get closer to completion. This project is making a little dent in my collection of 30's repro fabrics.

My husband jokingly refers to my sewing room as "the sweatshop" and that's what it is today so I'm taking a break now.

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