Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Moda Blockheads 4/Little Blocks 4.5

I have 17 4.5" blocks (finished size) made and I am putting this project aside for now.

I've been making the blocks out of Christmas-y fabrics, bits and pieces from my stash.  I like the blocks but don't know what I am going to do with them and have kind of lost the love for this project.  Mostly, I've realized that I really don't enjoy the process of foundation paper piecing.  When I made Rainbow Connection, I was excited enough about my vision for the finished quilt that I could tolerate the process.  Not so much now that I don't have an endpoint in mind.  I much prefer the process of making the regular pieced blocks from the Moda project, and I plan to go back to it as soon as I have a plan for the blocks.  I may even add more from the Little Blocks project.  

But until then, I need a project I can love, and I have something in mind.  But first, I'm going to make some items of a "practical" nature.  Look for an update soon. 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I've also been working on a quilt that isn't very inspiring to me, but I've told myself I have to sew some stash fabric into something. I'm not sure if it's having a very positive effect. 😕

  2. When you don't love what you're working on you don't love being in your sewing room. You're like me, a completist, but those beautiful blocks will keep just fine in a project box until your inspiration hits. It's our hobby not our job . Give yourself a pat on the back for blogging!


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