Thursday, March 11, 2021

Little Blocks 365 Update

My additional fabric arrived so I've been working on some Little Blocks.  

It is pretty easy to make two or three blocks in the late afternoon before dinner and I feel really satisfied as I finish each one so there is a lot of positive reinforcement in this project.  It is not without its frustrations though!

I have occasionally lost track of which piece goes where on a block or reversed colors.  And most of the blocks are foundation pieced on several foundations that are joined together at the end.  Getting the seams to match up without nipping of points, etc. has been tricky, even impossible for me, on a few blocks.

My plan is to make a wall hanging size quilt to put up in my sewing room so I'm not using the setting from Sentimental Stitches.  I've picked out another setting, tentatively, and I have a Pinterest board of sampler block quilt settings; you can find it here if you are interested.

In my planned setting, the blocks will be arranged "in rainbow color order."  I had been making the blocks randomly, just whatever color took my fancy at the moment, but decided I better be more methodical about it so I have the color distribution I need when I am finished.  So my last set of blocks focused on purple and I am currently working on red and orange.  

I put all the purple through orange blocks I've made so far up on a design board so see how the color flow is working so far.  This is not the final arrangement but I can see that I will need to re-make a few as I get closer to finishing.  That orange block with the pink cross does not have enough contrast to work for me, I think I'll replace it.  

photo signature_zps7mcw44cc.png


  1. Love the solids you are using for this project, your initial assessment of prints being problematic was a smart one. It's so hard to picture these blocks as 3", they don't look that small. I think you're doing a great job. Does your setting include sashing? That orange and pink cross block would pop with white sashing. I'm loving watching your progress, I am no where closer to starting mine, I have no fabric that suits me, I've not bought fabric in ages.

  2. Your rainbow solids are bright and beautiful. I don't use a lot of solids. But I like what others do with them. I like your idea of a rainbow layout.

  3. Oh Wow -- these are beautiful! What a lot of work -- and so small! This will be a fun project to follow!


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