Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sew Many Projects

Lots of stash whittling going on here, with 256 blocks made from my hoard of faded floral fabrics.  Each block is 6" square.  Now on to assembling the top.  

But this is not the only project I've been working on.  I seem to have some kind of pandemic induced attention-deficit problem as I often find myself flitting from one thing to another.  I currently have two quilt tops quilted and ready for binding, the completed blocks above, pieces for another quilt partially cut but now yet sewn, my English paper piecing hexie project, and two smaller projects waiting in the wings.  And a sewing room that badly needs a clean out!

Time to focus.

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  1. Love your term "Stash Whittling". I think we've all been do a little of that. Good for you!

  2. Know what you mean...I seem to have cleaned up a lot of UFO projects that either needed bindings or borders and now have gone thru many little piles of projects with some to be quilted and a bit of finishes....so, to clean up will be coming soon! Good to see you are doing well!


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