Monday, July 30, 2018

Basting Hexies

I got the rest of my hexies basted, with help from a 4-episode Netflix show called Collateral.  It is pretty entertaining, with great performances from the actors, though the mystery relies on a few too many coincidences. 

I knew this box from last year's Christmas cards would come in handy for something.  It is perfect for holding my basted hexies in color order. 

This is not a traditional English Paper Piecing project.  Rather, I am making a wall hanging using the method that Modern Handcraft uses.  You've probably seen photos of her work on the internet; I have some on my Pinterest boards.  So my next step is to figure out what to use as the background fabric.  Modern Handcraft usually uses a solid white background, which is what I initially thought I'd use. 

But I trialed some alternatives from my stash.  I like green better than the white option, though I am thinking of going with a solid rather than tone-on-tone and maybe just a little darker. 

But I like this blue denim option too.  What do you think?

In other news, this little guy joined our household two weeks ago.  His name is Trevor and he is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, just like Dillie (his half-sister, they have the same dad).  So we are back to being a two-Corgi family, with puppy in training.  Fortunately, Trevor is learning fast and he loves to be cuddled.   

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  1. What an adorable pup, welcome to the family Trevor. I've heard that training a new puppy when there is already a dog in the house makes it go so much easier. Cooper's 10, maybe now is the time for me to get a puppy? We've always been a one dog at a time household.

    I love this hexi project, it really puts a nice fresh spin on a hexagon quilt. I think I like the white background the best, but don't think you can make a bad decision because I like the green and denim also.

  2. I love Netflix too but I can't sew while trying to watch TV, I end up with the needle and thread in my lap and my eyes glued to the TV screen! You were very productive! I love the denim background the most but it also depends on where you will hang it. Love seeing Trevor! such a cute face!


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