Thursday, April 21, 2016

Heavy Starch

Do you starch your fabric before cutting?  I usually press my fabric with a light spritz of starch before cutting but after reading this blog post by Carrie Nelson on the Moda blog, I decided to try her method.  I gave the strips a pretty heavy blast from the can and hung them to dry on my portable lingerie drying rack in the bathtub in Miss Main Street's bathroom (she's away at college so won't need to use her tub for a few more weeks).

Warning - this method uses a lot of starch, about a bottle-and-a-half for the packaged strips and the background yardage.  And where do you buy your spray starch?  Our local supermarket discontinued it long ago so I was buying it at Target but they stopped carrying it too.  I made a trip to Walmart but they didn't have it either.  I stocked up at but the prices there seem very high.   Now I see from the Target website that I can order Faultless spray starch for pickup in the store but they won't ship aerosol products to homes.  I really prefer the trigger spray bottles but they sell for more than Best Press on  If I end up liking this heavy starch method, I'll order several cans at a time for pickup at Target.

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  1. I love sewing with pre-starched fabric. That being said, it is SUCH a big production to spray all the precut strips or squares! A lot of times when I get a bug in my brain to start a project, I want to start it now, and not wait for the spraying and hanging and drying. But sewing with those crisp starched pieces is a dream! They even seem to cut nicer. I need to push myself to do it more often.

  2. I buy a bottle of starch and make up my own for pressing. A lot less expensive. You can get a Jug of Stay Flow on Amazon ( though I found mine locally for less) and it makes up a whole batch at the strength you want! I even make up my own quilters moonshine for fresh press.

  3. Gosh, I didn't know you couldn't buy spray starch anymore. What's the reason for that, I wonder.

  4. I spray and press my fabrics before I start cutting. This gives the fabric some firmness without making it feel like a greeting card. I do use Faultless Spray starch, our ShopRite carries it in regular scent and lavender scent for about $1.39 a can... actually, now that they are learning that quilters use it, the price will probably skyrocket! lol!

  5. I buy the old fashioned liquid starch and thin it a bit with water in a spray bottle. Then I can control how thick or thin I want the starch. If the nozzle clogs I soak it in warm water. I love this b/c it's very inexpensive. You might as the grocery, Target or Wal Mart to order it for you. If you ask they will buy and shelve it.


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