Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Good To Be Back!

I never intended my blogging break to last so long.  I've been doing some traveling and some relaxing, and a whole lot of working.

I wish I could relax as much as our dog Dillie.  That's a typical, though immodest, Corgi pose.

Dillie relaxing in Miss Main Street's bedroom.

I went out to Chicago again late in July to pick up Miss Main Street from her summer experience. We drove back east, stopping off in Michigan for a few days to visit my mom.  

Working a little at a time, I finished another big rosette for my version of La Passacaglia.  

Then joined three rosettes together.  I'm working now on the smaller rosettes needed to fill in the bottom edge.  

This is not a speedy project but I hope my slow pace is not deterring anyone from starting their own La Passacaglia.  It is one of those projects where you can't think about the time invested. Instead, I tell myself how much I am enjoying the process and how satisfied I will be with the final results.  I really do enjoy it, much more than I expected to, and am already thinking about my next English paper piecing project!  I know, crazy!


  1. Welcome back. Glad you had safe travels and some time for stitching. The La Passacaglias blocks are fantastic. No don't count the hours on a project like that. It's the moment to moment enjoyment.

  2. Nice to see you back and sounds like you had a busy but relaxing time. What a great Passacagilas and love the progress!


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