Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Instagram Made Me Do It

Ten days ago, Miss Main Street and I set out on a road trip, driving from our home in New Jersey west to Chicago, to deliver MMS to her summer program.  She needed a place to live so we rented a furnished apartment short-term on airbnb* then drove out with the stuff she needs for the summer and got her moved in. After a day spent helping her learn her way around Chicago on the "L," I drove back home.  I'll go back to fetch her home later this summer.

While strolling one evening after dinner, we went into a Barnes & Noble store to browse and I hit the jackpot.  I had been looking for this issue of Quilt Mania (Spring 2015) after photos from the My Small World quilt-along began turning up on Instagram (search using #mysmallworldqal).  I was smitten and badly wanted to make the quilt but could not find the magazine anywhere near me or online.  Now I'm set.  The design is by Jen Kingwell.  I plan to change the orientation to "portrait" for my version, so it can hang in my kitchen quilt space.  

But it will be a while before I get to this.  I'm still working on La Passacaglia.  

*About airbnb, yes I was nervous our rental would turn out to be a scam but it was legit and so far, so good.


  1. I can't believe you found a copy! It's like finding a pot of gold! I can't wait to see your progress!

  2. I've noticed sometimes B&N sometimes carries Quiltmania, but most of the time it's not available. So you were lucky indeed. It looks like a sweet project.


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