Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Latest Quilt Crush

Oh, the dangers of Pinterest!

I was wasting time amusing myself, letting one pin lead to another, then another, when I stumbled upon this image and then this one. Oh my, instant quilt crush!  I had to know more.  Several hours of internet research later, I found out the answer:  Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein.  

I bought the book.

It arrived in the mail.  Wowza, it takes about a gazillion teensy pieces and is English paper-pieced.  I had serious doubts but the design kept calling my name.  I could not get it out of my head.  I searched online for more images and started following the Instagram feeds of quilters working on their own versions.  Falling more deeply in love....

I gave in and ordered the supplies:  almost 3000 little pieces of paper, acrylic templates for cutting fabric, and some glue pens.  

Desperately wanting to get started but afraid of embarking on an UFO.  I pulled fabric from my stash, let it sit in a pile for frequent contemplation.  Liking the idea even more....

It's time to start.  Wish me luck!  The quilt is called La Passacaglia. Google La Passacaglia quilt for lots of eye candy or check out my Pinterest board.  But don't say I didn't warn you.  


  1. I saw one in progress that was posted. It was awesome. Good luck-if it was me, it would be another UFU.

  2. Yep....these are getting very popular and very interesting. Good luck and can only say that I was hooked last year and still going at them...;)

  3. I would have commented earlier but have been busy looking at all the gorgeous LP quilts that seem to be everywhere online. I hadn't seen these before. I can see why you are excited. I'll be following your adventure and that could lead me right down the same exciting hole.

  4. WOW that's a lot of little pieces. I'll watch your progress, not for me though. The quilts you showed are just beautiful.

  5. If you want to start with one with a bit larger pieces ( this is what I did) I have this lovely one also) check out "The New Hexagon" book and quilt along. http://www.katjasquiltshoppe.com/the-new-hexagon-millefiore-quilt-along.htm There is also a facebook page too.


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