Thursday, November 20, 2014

Quilt Market Inspiration

Just a few weeks ago, those fortunate quilters attending Quilt Market in Houston posted pictures so those of us stuck at home could see what's coming in the quilt world.  I look forward to the blog posts and Instagram photos from the trade show and use them to pick out things I want to check out when the merchandise hits the quilt shops.  I usually have a mental list of five or six fabric lines and a few patterns that have especially sparked my interest. 

This year I became close to obsessed by one particular pattern I saw, Little Butterflies by Laundry Basket Quilts.  I kept going back to pictures of it and, desperate to have the patern, visited the designer's website where the pattern was availabe already.  Both the pattern and a handy companion stencil are now mine!

As soon as I received the pattern in the mail, I had to make a visit to my LQS (though really, any excuse will do) to look for some suitable fabric.  I'd already combed my stash but did not find anything really suitable.  I like the batiks Edyta used in the original but they won't be out until the spring.
At my LQS, I found this Hoffman Bali Pops (like a jelly roll).  The colors are perfect.  I'm planning this project as a wall hanging for my kitchen, which is predominately green, white, and beige; it will be a nice bit of added color.    

The pattern actually calls for a charm pack but I want to make my version a little bigger.  The pattern directions are for fusible applique but I'm going to try needle turn.  This will be my portable project for traveling and the occasional winter evening by the fireplace.  It will not be finished any time soon.  I still need to pull a assortment of background fabrics from my stash. 

Next, I need the perfect pen or pencil for marking.  I am thinking of this Frixion Eraseable Gel Pen.  Have you had any experience with this pen?  Or have another to recommend? 


  1. I love Edyta Sitar's designs, even though I haven't made any yet. This looks like a really fun project. I'm a fan of the sewline pens and pencils -- since I live in a cold climate I've stayed away from the frixion pens because I've heard that the lines reappear if the quilt is in below freezing temps. You never know when you'll want to take a quilt somewhere!

  2. What a wonderful quilt this will be with these gorgeous batiks you have chosen :-D

  3. Yeah the marks do come back at -temps. How often will that happen. Do you store your quilts in the freezer? I don't.

  4. Love the batiks you've choosen and It's a great pattern, The perfect combo.


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