Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tour My Sewing Room

Thank you for coming on the house tour.  Would you like to see my sewing room?  Yes, this is where all the quilts you see were made. 

When we agreed to be on the house tour, I thought the historical society was interested only in the first floor of the house.  But then two ladies from the committee came to see the house (to be sure it is not a house of horrors, we joked), saw all the quilts, and thought people would enjoy seeing the bedrooms and sewing room.  "Of course, you'll have to clean up," said one, looking at all the stuff on the sewing room floor (aka my organization system). 

View from the doorway.  Sewing room doubles as a guest room.
There is a trundle bed under the day bed.
It took some work to get it all cleaned up.  Still, some tubs of fabric and works in progress were stashed in Miss Main Street's off-limits bedroom.

Bookshelf storage unit behind me as I sew, holds my quilt book collection, patterns in one drawer, rulers and templates in another.  The lower cabinet on the left holds part of my Christmas fabric stash.
Wall to my left while I sew with All Dressed Up on display.  I can put a piece of flannel over the rod and call it a design wall.  To the left of the quilt is the small closet (a downside of old houses is the small closets); it holds more fabric stash. 


My sewing machine, Bernina Q440.

Tools at hand while I sew.  The onyx bowl holds pins.  A small basket, out of picture to the right, holds scraps for leaders and enders.  The Shaker work tray is handy for carrying hand sewing supplies to another room.
Thanks for coming.  Now, I need to get back to work on this quilt!


  1. It's beautiful Cathy! And half funny/half rude that the lady told you you'd have to clean up. I would have left it messy just for her LOL!

  2. Very nice sewing room and very clean! Mine is a mess....guess you will be glad to get back to sewing and making those little piles around your very clean room ;)))

  3. Lovely sewing room ! Thanks for the tour :-D

  4. So fun to see where you create!!! My studio is in dire need of a pick up before the holidays come and people want to peek at what I'm up to;-)

  5. It's always fun to see where people create. You have a bright, well organized space and now that you've gotten it all tidied up, you can see like crazy.

  6. That looks amazingly like my sewing room ... complete with the day bed with trundle. After seeing your sewing room, I am inspired to pull my sewing table out in the middle of the room, freeing up that wall for more storage. We frequently use that day bed (out of town guests, grands, etc.). Which makes me wonder if you use yours ... and what do you do with your sewing table in order to make room for the trundle to pull out?

  7. I can just imagine the way the lady said of course you'll have to clean up first! Hope you're back to making mess in your sewing room again.

  8. I just came across your sewing room when I googled something about using a guest bedroom also for sewing. In my case, also for my corner computer desk. We are just figuring out how to change mine up a bit. I can't believe the things I've made in a little area. But Mr. Wonderful (hubby) is going to make me a nice big table from plywood that has a nice slick white coat on it from Home Depot. Found nice chunky legs to make it sturdy. Paint those white. Then add another plastic drawer from Target to replace a drawer in old seeing machine cabinet which I will be selling. The main thing is to get the machine LOWER. It converts to embroidery too, but is a big machine and is sitting too high. I'm excited and your room has given me's really charming. I do like the idea of the Trundle bed, but when my son visits, he's 6' tall and I don't think it would work. Would it?? Joyce Wade, Apple VAlley CA


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