Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Studio Update

I use our smallest bedroom as my sewing space.  This bedroom doubles as our guest room, although it it is used only infrequently for that purpose.  But with my mother arriving tomorrow, it was time for a clean-up, which is also a good time to take pictures.

The window looks out on our backyard.  I bought the table a long time ago, in my single gal days.  It is a gate leg table that I use fully extended for my sewing machine, then it folds down to a small size when not in use.  The bulletin board holds inspirational pictures and the white stacking bins under the table hold pieces of fabric that need another home.

This is the scene I look at while I sew.  Well, usually the bed is covered in "work in progress" - my current project in whatever state of unfinish it is in.  Keep Calm and Sew On, my downsized Spools quilt, hangs on the wall.

I made the balloon shades and pillow shams out of fabric I bought at a Laura Ashley store in London in the mid-80's, then toted home in my suitcase (this was before the 50 lb. limit).  They were originally part of my single gal condo decor.  Almost all the furniture in this room is what I call orphan furniture, originally acquired for another use in another home.
Hanging on the wall at the foot of the bed, between window #2 (view of next-door neighbor's house and driveway) and the closet door, is Say Yes To The Dress.  My husband hung the curtain rod in here on Sunday, so this is a new look.  I'm planning a revolving exhibition of quilts on this wall, and wanted to be able to accomodate bigger quilts, hence the length of the pole.

That's a small stool on the floor (the blue color), good for holding work in progress, but I have a folding suitcase stand that goes there for visitors. 
This shelving unit is on the back wall, behind the sewing table.  The shelves house all of my quilting books, my Japanese magazines, and most of my supplies.  My Christmas fabric stash is behind the cabinet doors.  What looks like three drawers are actually two, one shallow and one deep, that hold my patterns, rulers, and miscellaneous tools.  An antique baby dress on an old padded hanger provides a touch of whimsy.

Here's a close-up of my sewing area.  Scissors, pins, and a little basket of scraps for leaders and enders.  And of course, my trusty Bernina, which I heart, heart, heart.

The corner of shame - all the stuff I haven't found a home for yet, hiding there behind my basket and bag of Fig Tree Designs fabric.  I've been drawing from this stash for my Fig Tree Harvest quilts but have three quilts made and a fourth in the works and hardly a dent in the fabric supply!

I keep the rest of my fabric stash in the closet and in some large Rubbermaid bins in the attic (really an unfinished 3rd floor).  I must get serious about whittling the stash down one way or another; I saw pictures from Spring Quilt Market and there are new fabric collections calling my name!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour. 


  1. Thanks for the tour and yes, always fun to see others sewing rooms. Yours is very organized and a great space to create in.

  2. It's always interesting to see where quilter create. Your room is so organized. I wouldn't call it the "corner of shame", but the "corner of what if". Have fun!

  3. I loved the tour! What is it about sewing spaces that fascinate us? Probably we are looking for the ideal setup and creative ideas. I love the touch of the vintage baby dress, by the way. I'm an army wife and just moved to my current house last summer. Here I have a sewing room that is all sewing--no guest bed, however, I have usually always shared with one before. If all your bed acquires is a work in progress, that you are lucky! Mine was always piled high with all sorts of stuff!

  4. Your room looks well organized. Thanks for the tour.

  5. Your sewing room is very pretty. I love seeing other quilter's spaces. Very inspirational. By the way, I LOVE your Christmas quilt. Absolutely beautiful!

  6. Your sewing room is very pretty. I love seeing other quilter's spaces. Very inspirational. By the way, I LOVE your Christmas quilt. Absolutely beautiful!

  7. The corner of shame? Now that's funny! The Say Yes to the Dress is a beauty!


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